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Online Reputation Management – Clean Your Record Online & Keep It That Way

orm, online reputation managementAnyone who does business online realizes that your online reputation matters a great deal. Even if you don’t actually do business online, it is important to maintain a clean record, as people will put things on the internet, and anyone with internet access can essentially do a background check on you or your company. While the digital age has been a blessing to many people, one negative review can make having your business online very difficult and frustrating. A lot of research has been done on the importance of reviews when it comes to purchasing products online, and research has shown that 82.74% of the time, online shoppers read customer reviews before making a purchase. With all of those shoppers reading reviews, you can only imagine what would happen if they came across negative reviews.

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The most important thing in dealing with negative customer reviews is strategic online reputation management, or ORM. At SproutShout, our approach to ORM focuses on showcasing your positive reviews and improving their ranking in the search engines so that they are the ones that show up first, instead of the negative reviews. Of course, once you put something out on the internet, you can never really take it off, so we cannot completely remove all of the negative reviews, but we can effectively bury them in the search engine results so that customers will not see them. The power of strong PR and social media are a great tool in doing this. Once a client has contacted us about a problem they are having with negative reviews, we respond within 24 hours with a proposal of how to fix the problem.

The benefits of ORM are numerous. Each day more and more information is uploaded to the internet. But not all of it is positive information, which could be very damaging to your online reputation if you’re not careful. A company that has worked hard to achieve top rankings on search engines can quickly be cut down by negative reviews, but by managing your online reputation carefully, you can avoid those kinds of problems. While ORM is often thought of as being just for the name and reputation of the company, it actually extends to all aspects of your business: your employees, partners, images, products, services, etc. It is also important to note that your online listings can be viewed in a number of different ways:

  • Prospective customers view them to purchase products or services, as well as to conduct research on certain products, services, and even businesses
  • Potential investors will look at your online listings to ensure that your company or business is legitimate and worth their investment.
  • The media will also view your listings in order to gain information on stories.
  • Potential employees will look at your website and online listings to see what kind of company you are and whether or not they want to be a part of it.

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When you’re looking to do business online, or just host your company website online, it is important that you actively monitor your reputation, and by using ORM, you’ll receive a variety of benefits.

one, 1ORM will put your best foot forward. With ORM you can be assured that your message about your products, services, brand, or general business profile is conveyed in the light it was meant to be conveyed in. The story that you want to be told will be with the problem of dealing with negativity. When your potential customers come to your site they will see what you want them to see.
two, 2ORM will also remove negative comments and irrelevant listing from the top rankings on search engine results. We’ve all seen that odd listing that has no real place in our search. With ORM those kinds of things will be removed so that your website will be up at the top, without any negative reviews that people may have written.
three, 3ORM is cost-effective. When you look at the potential costs of negative reviews, preventing those reviews from coming to light is exponentially cheaper. A few bad reviews could keep people from becoming customers for years into the future. With ORM, you don’t have to worry about those reviews being found quickly or easily by potential customers. It is much easier to prevent negative reviews than to have to rebuild trust, endure stress and emotional pain, and potentially the loss of your business because of lack of sales.
four, 4ORM promotes positive word of mouth digitally. We all know how quickly things can spread on the internet. A YouTube video can get millions of views in just a few days. The same theory can be applied to positive word-of-mouth on the internet. ORM ensures that the word-of-mouth on the internet about your business or company is positive, and that the negative comments and reviews are minimized.
five, 5ORM gives you control over search engine rankings. For most people, the top ten search engine results are the only ones that are viewed. ORM uses its base of search engine optimization to give clients the satisfaction of being in the top ten search engine results when people search for keywords that are associated with your products, your business, your services, or your brand. The competition for a place among these top ten listings is extraordinary, which is why using ORM is so crucial.

Now that you know the importance of ORM, you’re probably going to start looking for companies that can provide you with this type of protection, but you’re already in the right place. SproutShout has years of experience in dealing with ORM and the types of issues that can come up when you’re conducting business online. SproutShout can clean up any online mess and give your company or business the rankings you are looking for. Our team of online reputation experts have the experience necessary and the knowledge of SEO techniques to keep your online reputation a good one. At SproutShout, we customize each service to your specific needs, giving you the specialization and quality that you are looking for.

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