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Why Too Much Google Love Will Kill You

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Why Too Much Google Love Will Kill You

If there’s one lesson that really should be learned about Google, it’s the fact that not only does Google not regard you or your business with any specific important, but the powers that be also don’t really care if or when you fail. It’s all a pure numbers game to these kinds of online giants and as long as the searchers themselves are coming in, the businesses on the other end the spectrum don’t count for jack.

It’s an unpleasant reality but a reality nonetheless. The debate continues to rage as to whether Google has too much power, but whether or not they do, you’re still at their mercy. The level to which however depends entirely on your approach and attitude – quite simply the more your count on and depend on Google, the bigger the risk you’re taking and the more you stand to lose.

A One Way Relationship

It’s a scary way to think about it but realistic nonetheless. No matter how much time, effort and money you pump into appealing to Google and all it stands for, it is still a one-way relationship. They owe you nothing, they have no specific regard for your success and will not hesitate for a second should they see it fit to throw you off the rankings altogether. They won’t even offer you an explanation when they do.

Other Search Engines

One of the key rules these days when outsourcing SEO is to always choose a service provider that realises there are more search engines out there than Google alone. If, as is often the case, an SEO campaign is built entirely around what Google does and doesn’t want, you may end up losing any favour you could have curried with other search engines. And when Google decides to sever its ties with you, you’re left with nothing to fall back on. Again, the more dedication you show, the bigger the potential heartbreak.

Wooing Google’s Bots

Building your site around Google’s apparent every wish can lead you right up the wrong path. If all you have in mind is Google’s ever-important bots that decide on the results rankings, it pretty much goes without saying that the quality of your site in terms of value to the reader will fall. And as such, when and where Google gives your site a sound beating when an algorithm change comes along, you’re left with a substandard site you moulded on Google and little to no chance of making it a hit elsewhere without starting again from scratch.

False Sense of Security

Lastly for now, the biggest mistake you can make when outsourcing SEO or taking care of the job in-house is to fall into a false sense of security. You cannot for one minute assume that the weeks and months to come are going to work in your favour – in theory when it comes to Google you should be looking at it the opposite way. Always assume that big changes are just around the corner and that at any time you could lose 50% or even 85% of the traffic Google sends your way. If you work like this, you’ll put contingencies and countermeasures in place to make sure you don’t go under simply for being way too devoted to a single SEO approach.